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Fuelled by compulsiveness, low impulse-control and good ole curiosity
i say "eff a blog" then i post. such is life.
if i were a new visitor i'd look at this site in archive mode or random.

…like advertising I don’t mind as much, but why is this? aren’t marketing and advertising kind of siblings??

does ‘marketing’ as a field, as a thing, have any redeeming qualities? far as I can see its only purpose is to get people to consume or do something they don’t already want or need with the aim of making $$. there must be something more to it. please enlighten me.

saw a shoe fall from the back of a garbage truck today. one of life’s greatest mysteries solved!

now, for those laundry socks…

enjoying the last moments alone, in which what will likely be the only place I live by myself ever again in life and what am i doing? cooking, drinking wine, listening to 90s r&b, reading 70s-era Marxist theory, tending to my plants. god I’m so flikkin’ happy. call me whatever but for this moment ferguson gaza and everything else that is always fucked up and more that cannibalizes my mind at all hours…well I’m keeping it at bay for a couple hours right now.

Reading Raymond Williams outdoors as the sun goes down listening to Heather Headley…Hm. Not so far from orgasmic.

days like this, when I’m up before 7or 8 am and do a bunch of normal-people things before 5 I feel good…but then very quickly feel horrible thinking about all the time I’ve wasted in my life.

ohmg my brain is so scrambled right now.

wow these people are very deft at dehumanizing

you know why else (white) ppl are messed? this whole Ataui Deng missing situation…the FIRST thing that comes to these people’s mind is that her BF killed her ( you should see his instagram  http://instagram.com/granttheripper). I doubt that would be the discourse has she been a lithe young germanic thang…just saying. I mean, the guy does kinda look like a killer, but the subtext there….the paternalistic devaluing “protection” of this young African woman….kinda sick

turkey is a most disgusting meat.

I can see things in clouds again! Of course when I was little I could see all kinds of faces and creatures and vessels and buildings and landscapes in the sky but until the other day I hadn’t been able to do that in maybe two decades or more. I’d keep trying but I just couldn’t, and that fact was so disconcerting to me: Did this inability mean my imagination was also gone? Did it mean I now saw things just like everyone else, ‘normal’ as it ‘was’ or appeared to be? Or, was seeing things in clouds a special power that only kids have? Or wait, could it be that clouds were different than they were 25 years ago? Nope! I guess I just learned to free up myself once again….